Seasonal Maintenance

JDL HVAC Services offers an extensive seasonal maintenance plan which involves a furnace and AC tune up service.


Ten Benefits of a Seasonal Maintenance Plan:


  1. Scheduled Tune Ups
  2. Priority Service
  3. 5% Discount on service
  4. Fewer Repairs
  5. Energy Savings
  6. Lower Utility Bills
  7. Extended Life of Equipment
  8. Annual Cleaning
  9. No After Hours Fee
  10. No Diagnostic Fee

Ten Procedures to Expect with a Seasonal Maintenance Plan:


  1. Lubricating all moving parts
  2. Cleaning condensate drain
  3. Measuring all volts / amps
  4. Measuring the temperature difference
  5. Tighten electrical connections
  6. Check refrigerant pressures
  7. Testing safety functions
  8. Clean or replace standard air filters
  9. Clean and adjust flame sensor
  10. Clean and adjust burner assembly